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Enjoyer of sci-fi, action and comedy, I generally think quite positively of many shows. One thing I'd recommend for the app, however, is to start including video games, as that is likely where I spent the majority of my downtime.


Taking place as a result of the actions in 'Loki', Marvel's "What If..?" explores mildly (and wildly) different versions of the legendary stories we've come to know. With perhaps a bit more comedy than an average movie would've, "What If..?" is most certainly a show worth watching.

What If...? imageWhat If...? image

What If...?

Shows | Animation

With excellent pacing and (mostly) good comedy, Thor Rangarok makes a good watch for anyone, MCU fan or otherwise. While progressing the MCU story, Ragnarok takes time to make itself interesting, and does so very, very well! Ragnarok is a worthy watch to almost anyone, so long as you have, at least, very basic knowledge about the MCU. Excellent CGI, story, characters and good choreography. What's not to like? Edited for grammatical issues

Thor: Ragnarok imageThor: Ragnarok image

Thor: Ragnarok

Movies | Action

Depicting a world a millenia from his time, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is most certainly a book worth reading. In the (approximately) 90 years since the release, the language does show its age, but not in a bad way, whatsoever. Brave New World is most certainly a book worth reading, even better when you compare the world back then, to the world today.

Brave New World imageBrave New World image

Brave New World

Books | Aldous Huxley

If you're looking to see a bunch of morons do dumb stuff (over and over for 14 seasons), then this is the series for you. In spite of the perhaps repetitive nature of the series, every season is very unique. As a whole, I would recommend this show to a lot of people, but it's probably not for everyone.

Canada's Worst Driver imageCanada's Worst Driver image

Canada's Worst Driver

Shows | Comedy

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