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Hello, I'm the duchess! I enjoy horror and artistic type movies and shows. Beware, my comments are long, but other than that, there's nothing much to me. Cheers, cuties!


A little blander than I'd like to see from a movie everyone has been suspensefully waiting for for years on end, but it's definitely not bad! The animation is done very very well, per Pixar standards

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Incredibles 2

Movies | Action

It's good, then it hits the *Scene*... then it's good again! Thanks, Mr.King

It imageIt image


Books | Stephen King

Got my father, my old man who hates anime, to watch and enjoy. While the fan base around it can be... interesting, it's a good adaptation of the original Manga! It's confusing, and I love it

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Death Note

Shows | Animation

It seems like no one talks about this one! It's good, it's good for a zombie book! Would definitely recommend. While it can be clunky at times, it's very vivid and descriptive, so that's a thing

Rot & Ruin imageRot & Ruin image

Rot & Ruin

Books | Jonathan Maberry

Y'know, not as bad as I thought it would be! Yeah there's continuity errors here and there, some shotty work on character arcs and situations that would have been avoided a little too easily, but what do you expect from a paranormal, predator-prey movie? I will, however, give a HUGE pat on the back to whoever directed the camera angles, because there are some shots here that are cooler than they need to be. Honestly, this one is a take it or leave it type, but try to give it a chance.

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Come Play

Movies | Horror

Newgrounds humor galore! I need more people to watch this dark masterpiece. The comedy is snappy and fast paced, but it fits so darn well with the stories and writing!

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Smiling Friends

Shows | Animation

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