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Really enjoyed! Wish there was a second season. :/

I Am Not Okay with This imageI Am Not Okay with This image

I Am Not Okay with This

Shows | Comedy

This is pretty good but not one of my favorites. I don’t love the characters but I like them. This show is probably targeted towards younger viewers than gravity falls and the owl house.

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Shows | Animation

Pretty good. Makes me cry every time.

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Movies | Adventure

AMAZING. I’m biased cause I love Lucifer but this show is hilarious. It could get a little uncomfortable at times but more often than not I was laughing or crying lmao

Lucifer imageLucifer image


Shows | Crime

My grandmother showed me this and it’s so funny.

Schitt's Creek imageSchitt's Creek image

Schitt's Creek

Shows | Comedy

Haven’t finished it. Was decently funny I suppose.

The Good Place imageThe Good Place image

The Good Place

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This is pretty interesting. I like how they made choices on Netflix. I love different outcome stuff.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch imageBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch image

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Movies | Science Fiction

One of my grandpas favorite shows.

The Twilight Zone imageThe Twilight Zone image

The Twilight Zone

Shows | Drama

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