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A. J.



This book made a lasting impact on my life, I had a lot to think about for many days afterwards.

The Great Gatsby imageThe Great Gatsby image

The Great Gatsby

Books | F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literally soooo good! It felt amazing to have some representation!

Never Have I Ever imageNever Have I Ever image

Never Have I Ever


YAS,YAS YASSS!!!!!!!! one of my favourite shows ever, the one that catapultedd my kdtama journey.

Oh My Venus imageOh My Venus image

Oh My Venus

Shows | Comedy

I really like shows where the characters are smart enough not do do dumb things... except ofc when they are relatable dumb things :)

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim imageWhat's Wrong with Secretary Kim image

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Shows | Comedy

This draama was super motivating and I binge-watched like there was no tomorrow...

Itaewon Class imageItaewon Class image

Itaewon Class

Shows | Drama

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