Aaron Jarman



One of my favorite scifi movies. Dives into serious themes and explores those in detail. Musical score and visuals are art.

Interstellar imageInterstellar image


Movies | Adventure

Eerie look into love and consent. Great writing.

Her imageHer image


Movies | Romance

Great story. Highpaced with lots of action. Great look into what humanity would look like to an outsider.

Chappie imageChappie image


Movies | Crime

Amazing visuals but story was lacking depth. Beautiful to watch though.

Jupiter Ascending imageJupiter Ascending image

Jupiter Ascending

Movies | Science Fiction

Easy fun movie. Not a block buster but fun regardless.

Seventh Son imageSeventh Son image

Seventh Son

Movies | Adventure

Cool new depiction of Dracula’s origins and story has heart.

Dracula Untold imageDracula Untold image

Dracula Untold

Movies | Horror

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