This book was so good the whole way through with unexpected turns that no doubt kept me engaged with the story. I don’t know how but it’s equally as good as the others from the series.

Allegiant imageAllegiant image


Books | Veronica Roth

It kept me engaged the whole time. Not too much romance but just enough and so so so good.

Divergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1) imageDivergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1) image

Divergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 1)

Books | Veronica Roth

I was obsessed with this book the entire time reading it. I was never bored or uninterested in the story. Dystopian and romance- literally my favorite, and this book presented it and expressed it perfectly.

Delirium (Delirium Trilogy 1) imageDelirium (Delirium Trilogy 1) image

Delirium (Delirium Trilogy 1)

Books | Lauren Oliver

These books were almost nothing like the show and I like it for that reason. There was more romance and it kept me interested in the story.

The 100 Complete Boxed Set imageThe 100 Complete Boxed Set image

The 100 Complete Boxed Set

Books | Kass Morgan

I loved this book because it had adventure and romance. For me that was the perfect balance and it always kept me guessing. It was very engaging and I was never bored.

The Inheritance Games imageThe Inheritance Games image

The Inheritance Games

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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