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Sweet poker movie. Gets your adrenaline going.

Molly's Game imageMolly's Game image

Molly's Game

Movies | Crime

This is one of the coolest cult classics I've ever seen. Total mind bender. This will make you fall in love with Chris Nolan.#mind_bending #twists #clever

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Movies | Mystery

Now here's a hidden gem of a movie. Great concept and keeps you guessing till the end. #hiddengems #puzzles

The Game imageThe Game image

The Game

Movies | Drama

This is one of my favorite horror movies. Very cerebral and excellent twist. This is the best one of all and such a masterpiece.

Saw imageSaw image


Movies | Horror

This was so cool. It's one of those thrillers that makes you wonder how you would behave in the same situation.

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Movies | Thriller

This is incredibly underrated for an animation. I've never seen such a unique visual style and the character design is so inventive. This is a hallmark for animation. #animation #underrated

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Movies | Animation

What a wonderful adaptation of a book. I love the visual style. Too bad the vfx studio that did these wonderful effects was put out of business.

Life of Pi imageLife of Pi image

Life of Pi

Movies | Adventure

It makes you want to be a genius detective. Who knew being smart could be so cool?

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Sherlock Holmes

Movies | Action

I've watched this show all the way through multiple times. I miss it and love the simple, quirky humor.

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My Name Is Earl

Shows | Comedy

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