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Addison Schow


The book was pretty fast paced and i love Kallias. I think the plot twist at the end was pretty predictable and the ending was too forced but overall I really enjoyed reading it and it’s a great book if you like the enemies to lovers trope

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The Shadows Between Us

Books | Tricia Levenseller

it took be a while to read this book as i wasn’t blown away by the previous book in the series, but i finally got to it and i was left sobbing for hours. i hear mixed reviews on the ending but personally i loved it and it was a great cliffhanger to further imagine.

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Books | Marie Lu

not going to say i loved it, the book had a great plot and great characters but it tended to get slow as it spent most of the chapters talking about memories; although, there isn’t much you can do when you’re writing a present tense book so i’ll cut them some slack. other than that I loved the ending.

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This Is Where It Ends

Books | Marieke Nijkamp

this book is super hyped up it deserves it in every way. it’s a super quick and emotional read 10/10

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They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

Dance of Thieves overall was a great read, I definitely recommend. It took me a while to read as it grew slow in many areas of the book, but it had a very interesting plot and I love the characters.

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Dance of Thieves

Books | Mary E. Pearson

I’ve read most of John Greens other books and finally got to the Fault In Our Stars, I was nervous because it has so much hype I figured I would be let down but I was left crying at 1 am instead. John Green did a beautiful job writing this and I definitely recommend, it’s a short read and super romantic

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The Fault in Our Stars

Books | John Green

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