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Finished this book very quickly because it kept me questioning and curious the whole time! After finishing I am still curious and processing everything! #thriller #horror #suspense

The Cellar imageThe Cellar image

The Cellar

Books | Natasha Preston

Just Mercy is a must read! Mr. Stevenson shows us what it was like to work with death row inmates, It shows the pain and horror of what it’s like to be subjected to something you possibly couldn’t control or never could control. The purpose of this book is to persuade and inform the reader about the criminal injustice system flaws, especially when it comes down to race, wealth, and extremely situational times that may never be accounted for in trial. (war veteran, mental disabilities, etc.)

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Just Mercy

Books | Bryan Stevenson

One of the best books I have ever read. As a non poc, this book was such an amazing view in what poc struggles with daily. It gives insight on modern issues involving racism using a young girls point of view. A book I would make everyone read if I had the power. #policebrutality #blackpower #AMustRead #blacklivesmatter

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The Hate U Give

Books | Angie Thomas

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