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Alexandra Cruz



This movie is criminally underrated. It has lore, it has gore and the chemistry between the man and the protagonist is electric. Deliciously wicked. If anyone knows any other movies or books like this, please hmu

Let Us Prey imageLet Us Prey image

Let Us Prey

Movies | Thriller

Emotional and fun. This movie had it all and I enjoyed every bit of it. No spoilers but bring tissues

Spider-Man: No Way Home imageSpider-Man: No Way Home image

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Movies | Action

Thorin "Thrust" Oakenshield can get it! He is fine! This was fun, emotional and entertaining. Definitely worth watching.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey imageThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey image

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Movies | Adventure

Dead ass this was WILD!! South Korea for the win again!! Loved this series and recommend it if you like K-dramas and zombie/horror flicks like Train to Busan

All of Us Are Dead imageAll of Us Are Dead image

All of Us Are Dead

Shows | Drama

Funny and informative! Double tap

Zombieland imageZombieland image


Movies | Comedy

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