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Alexia Macari


I looked at this preview on Netflix and now thanks to u I can finally watch something new! Yay I’m so exited!

Get Even imageGet Even image

Get Even


It’s an awesome movie! I watch it over and over!

High School Musical imageHigh School Musical image

High School Musical

Movies | Comedy

I like how it shows 2 lives in 1 person!

13 Going on 30 image13 Going on 30 image

13 Going on 30

Movies | Comedy

This movie is awesome, it’s really funny and shows lots of different adventures!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle imageJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle image

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Movies | Action

Omg I love this series I watched it with my family! It’s awesome! 😁

Stranger Things imageStranger Things image

Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

It’s an awesome series!

Little Fires Everywhere imageLittle Fires Everywhere image

Little Fires Everywhere

Shows | Drama

I’ve watched this movie about 50 times! I love it!

The Princess Diaries imageThe Princess Diaries image

The Princess Diaries

Movies | Comedy

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