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Now this show...I watched because my husband wanted to watch it. I thought I know nothing about chess I won't like it but the leasing actress in it I loved the way she played her role it was a pretty good show

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The Queen's Gambit

Shows | Drama

I know a lot of people didn't really like this one,but I did it was really nice to see more of her back story. Don't get me wrong I love the movie with Jennifer Lopez but this just was so fun for me to watch.

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Selena: The Series

Shows | Drama

I watched this show to find out why everyone was talking about it so much...I thought I wasn't going to like it but ended up becoming obsessed with it. I reminded me a little of gossip girl because of Whistledown. It also was a good show to watch to make you forget about what was happening in the world for a while.

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