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Amanda Piper



The ending was...meh. But the lead up made it still worth the watch.

Halloween Party imageHalloween Party image

Halloween Party

Movies | Horror

This is great. I'm so sad that it never became popular. Crazy, weird, awesome.

Dave Made a Maze imageDave Made a Maze image

Dave Made a Maze

Movies | Comedy

A fun journey with a protagonist you cheer for-- also there's a dog, which is pretty great.

Love and Monsters imageLove and Monsters image

Love and Monsters

Movies | Adventure

Tennant has this knack for playing characters that I want as my best friend, or characters that are positively terrifying. It should be clear from all of the comments that Tennant makes this movie.

Bad Samaritan imageBad Samaritan image

Bad Samaritan

Movies | Thriller

Wonderful, compelling, heart wrenching.

Murder on the Orient Express imageMurder on the Orient Express image

Murder on the Orient Express

Movies | Crime

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