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Amaya Reyes



Good mystery, great enby rep and wonderful lesbian romance in a magical setting full of 1940’s inspired wonder.

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Podcasts | Drama

Great commentary for lawyers non-lawyers and law students about how and why exactly the supreme court SUCKS. Very funny and quite unpretentious for lawyers to be the ones hosting it. Leftist as hell and a bit sympathetic to democrats but critical nonetheless. Had me hooked! I’m always up for some legal realism where I can find it.

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Podcasts | Government

Lesbian romance that doesnt shy away from sexiness in a way appealing to sapphics! Very good themes of growing past youthful pride and falling in love in your thirties. Very funny in a way that doesn’t make millennials sound cringey. (keep in mind a genz is writing this review)

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Delilah Green Doesn't Care

Books | Ashley Herring Blake

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