Fantasic movie, heavy on the heart but it's a great story, great setting, great acting

Beasts of the Southern Wild imageBeasts of the Southern Wild image

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Movies | Drama

Really enjoyed the pacing of this and found the main character likeable. Quick read and am finding I generally am liking this author.

The Last House Guest imageThe Last House Guest image

The Last House Guest

Books | Megan Miranda

This would definitely be a good weekend beach getaway book, it's a very quick read and keeps you interested. I found myself guessing and pointing fingers and generally enjoying the pacing and characters of the story. I was disappointed in the ending but, that seens par for the course for me lately. 😂 I'd read more from this author.

Such a Quiet Place imageSuch a Quiet Place image

Such a Quiet Place

Books | Megan Miranda

Fantastic series, tere isn't a book that I didn't love.

The Hunger Games imageThe Hunger Games image

The Hunger Games

Books | Suzanne Collins

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