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Fun look inside the world of debutantes. What a crazy, archaic tradition! This was a fast, easy read. What I call a 'dessert' book.

The Last Dance of the Debutante imageThe Last Dance of the Debutante image

The Last Dance of the Debutante

Books | Julia Kelly

Eerily prescient!! Published in 2014, this story details a pandemic that sweeps the globe, and the describes the lives of the few survivors left. I couldn't put it down!!!

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Station Eleven

Books | Emily St. John Mandel

Good summertime reading. A divergence from my usual historical fiction, this enters more into the fantasy/science fiction realm. Like if you grew up on Twilight but are now an adult who likes a bit of Bridgerton. Cheeky and fun, and it's a whole juicy series!!! Looking forward to book 2

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Books | Gail Carriger

Surprised by how much I love this show!! I love watching an extremely different culture navigate the same joys, pains, milestones and cringey hilariousness we all encounter throughout our lives. All the characters are dynamic; loveable and hateable at times, relatable and recognizable. Who would have thought a series about Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, filmed in Hebrew (with English subtitles) would be so captivating!

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Shows | Drama

Ewan MacGregor, fabulous fashion, fabulous cast, just BOOM đź’Ą I new nothing about fashion designer Halston until watching this, other than a vague notion of his 70's heydays. Bold, heady, touching and bittersweet; a feast for the eyes and food for thought.

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