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Amy Conway



Cat Lady & Mama! Absolutely love horror, thriller, comedy, thriller, suspense, based on true stories! I love Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube, Lucy Hale ( Fantasy Island), the entire Need for Speed collection! Only a select few parodies are actually good & The Scary Movies are above those as they are definitely classics & Marlin Wayans is AMAZING!!


Great actors, hilariously fun for the whole family; but also has me in tears everytime I watch it! #HilaryDuffwasmyidol #comedy #hilarious #drama #family_friendly #seen_everything #covidsucks #wouldlovesomethingnew #edgeofmyseatworthy #jawdrop

Cheaper by the Dozen imageCheaper by the Dozen image

Cheaper by the Dozen

Movies | Comedy

this movie is ROFL no matter how many times you've seen it !!! #mustsee #youwontregretit!

We're the Millers imageWe're the Millers image

We're the Millers

Movies | Comedy

It is the perfect movie for date night!! Ya know.. If your into stuff like that #romcom #adamsandler #justgowithit

Just Go with It imageJust Go with It image

Just Go with It

Movies | Comedy

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