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OMG this volume was even better then the last one ! The plot twists were unexpected and the new characters were so likeble. I was still simping over the art of this Manga. The fights were amazing and so smooth. This volume was a 5/5 #manga #magic #action #gore #witch #strong_female_character #strong_female_lead

The Witch and the Beast 2 imageThe Witch and the Beast 2 image

The Witch and the Beast 2

Books | Kousuke Satake

I read this last night and it was sooo good ! The story was so smooth and all the characters were soooo interesting and likable. Also I was simping over the art style the whole time. This was the first action manga that I read and it didn't confuse me at all. I liked that this manga did show how far witches go and how brutal they can be. The cliffhanger was good as well and I couldn't wait to buy the 2nd volume. 4.5/5 #manga #fantasy #witch #magic #graphic #blood

The Witch and the Beast 1 imageThe Witch and the Beast 1 image

The Witch and the Beast 1

Books | Kousuke Satake

I just finished this and it was insanely good ! There was alot of gore in it and the writing was very well done. My favorit characters were Alice and Cheshire. I hope more people start reading this and lost boy from this author. This was a 4 out of 5 for me. Can't wait for the 3nd book in this thrillogy to arrive! #retellings #brutal #gore #fantasy #magic #18plus

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Books | Christina Henry

This was amazing! The story, the characters, all were so well written and everything made sense at the end. I cannot describe how enjoyable this book was. Really recommend it if you like dark fantasy and retelling of fairy tales. 4.2/5 #book #fantasy #retellings #dark #mystery #dark_fantasy #suspense #horror

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Lost Boy

Books | Christina Henry

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