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Catherine Ryan Hyde NEVER disappoints me! This book hit me on so many levels. First, I have 2 deaf sons who are teens. I wonder what their lives will be like. Will it be like the woman on trial because they needed to turn down their processors to block out the background noise? Will it be like Mrs. G. when they're 90 and alone and need assistance and there's no family left to help them and they're down to rationing a half of a can of soup while trying to get someone to stop & help?

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Have You Seen Luis Velez?

Books | Catherine Ryan Hyde

At the time I read this, it overwhelmed me with feelings I didn't understand. Years since reading it, I've never entered a strange 12x12 room that I didn't stop and take in the walls and wonder if I could be the one that lived inside without a connection to the outside world too. What would I have done, or done differently? It's engraved in my mind that that very scenario could happen to any one of us at any time. Are you ready to live in a small room for years, alone, with no contact??

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#amazingread I loved this story and couldn't put it down! I was so entwined in their lives and felt as though I could easily see myself being in the position of caregiver. I have the same personality. This is a book I would list as a read again and again because I would never get tired of these characters.

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Me Before You

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