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Read these in a Lit class in college. I love classical myths. Based on human experience, these never get old.

Iliad & Odyssey imageIliad & Odyssey image

Iliad & Odyssey

Books | Homer

Much like Eat Pray Love. It's a good easy read about self-love and life's crazy adventures

Under the Tuscan Sun imageUnder the Tuscan Sun image

Under the Tuscan Sun

Books | Frances Mayes

It's OK. I read this in a Lit class in college.

Complete Maus imageComplete Maus image

Complete Maus

Books | Art Spiegelman

I lived in Indonesia so that part was like a memory-lane journey. Maybe not my personal memories but what she experienced reminded me of my experiences. The rest is like a dream journey for me - a bucket list. Even her finding her guru...I know who hers was/is ... Amma. I have been hugged by her twice. :)

Eat Pray Love 10th-Anniversary Edition imageEat Pray Love 10th-Anniversary Edition image

Eat Pray Love 10th-Anniversary Edition

Books | Elizabeth Gilbert

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