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Don't judge this book by its cover! Despite appearances, it is a fantastic read. As most of Patricia Briggs work is, it involves a strong female lead who refuses to bend to societies expectations. Rife with action, manipulation, and a sprinkle of romance, this book is one of my favorite reads. Highly recommend!

When Demons Walk imageWhen Demons Walk image

When Demons Walk

Books | Patricia Briggs

These books are just sweet at satisfying reads! A fantastic set of characters and an interesting plot make for a happy read.

Aralorn: Masques and Wolfsbane imageAralorn: Masques and Wolfsbane image

Aralorn: Masques and Wolfsbane

Books | Patricia Briggs

Anything that Patty Briggs is writing is FANTASTIC. This is closer in nature to her writing Masques than it is to the Mercy Thompson series. A fun book about the awakening of old power and the reinvention of self. I would recommend if you are someone who loves a good fantasy story that keeps you guessing. It is not a book that will change your life, but thoroughly enjoyable.

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The Hob's Bargain

Books | Patricia Briggs

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