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Angel Diamond



10/10 it’s really deep and I recommend it to read it right now. Trust it’s good.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender imageThe Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender image

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

Books | Leslye Walton

Need an eye opener? Or maybe going through something and need to understand yourself? Then read this book of a man that goes on a journey. Its amazing. Eye opening. The meaning is greater then itself.

Alchemist imageAlchemist image


Books | Paulo Coelho

I dont know many people who know this book but when I read it. I was absolutely obsessed ! It was recommended to me by a English teacher and when I read it I nearly fell off by bed (metaphorically)

East imageEast image


Books | Edith Pattou

Where do I even start? Fantasy and real world problems rolled into one. Its light hearted and with a twist. I’m not disappointed.

The Golden Compass imageThe Golden Compass image

The Golden Compass

Books | Philip Pullman

I read this book before it was officially out and I just have to say, hands down. Never read something like this before (hence I dont read much about grim reapers haha) all that happened here 10/10

Reaper imageReaper image


Books | Kyra Leigh

Honestly this is the best book I’ve read on how the situations are handled in these kids life. Its real world and trust me when I say, I put my hand over my mouth for some parts and nearly cried. Plz read.

Rules of Rain imageRules of Rain image

Rules of Rain

Books | Leah Scheier

Part 2 of Ash Princess. I was NOT disappointed on part two. Usually second parts are like “bro no” but this is “bro yes”

Lady Smoke imageLady Smoke image

Lady Smoke

Books | Laura Sebastian

OMG! I love stories like this! I was always wanting to know what happened next? Read this whenever you can. Its top tier!

Ash Princess imageAsh Princess image

Ash Princess

Books | Laura Sebastian

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