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Angie Min


Tiktok recommended this one. I cried with this one.

They Both Die at the End imageThey Both Die at the End image

They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

Literally learned what depression was when I watched it as a kid.

Bridge to Terabithia imageBridge to Terabithia image

Bridge to Terabithia

Movies | Adventure

I felt touched by this poem book since I could put myself in her shoes. What it's like to be a Hispanic woman living in a strict Catholic household.

The Poet X imageThe Poet X image

The Poet X

Books | Elizabeth Acevedo

This book helps you understand what's its like to have a psychological problem. The best part is that the author never actually says what type of problem she has but you can take a pretty wild guess. The characters are also pretty well crafted and with a touch of LGBTQ. I recommend this book to anyone.

How It Feels to Float imageHow It Feels to Float image

How It Feels to Float

Books | Helena Fox

The ending is was absolutely amazing and the perfect twist. Also and a mix of history and romance, Ruta Sepetys seems to do that a lot.

Salt to the Sea imageSalt to the Sea image

Salt to the Sea

Books | Ruta Sepetys

People weren’t lying when they said the twist was amazing!!

We Were Liars imageWe Were Liars image

We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

I read this book my freshman year of high school and it was also my first historical fiction. I absolutely love this book and it's perfect for those who like a mix of historical and romance. It's beautifully written.

Between Shades of Gray imageBetween Shades of Gray image

Between Shades of Gray

Books | Ruta Sepetys

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