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Ani Gradwohl


Highly recommend. It doesnt cover EVERYTHING, but what hour and ten minutes could?!? I was extremely pleased that this mocumentary released on December 27, covered all the way up to around Dec. 8. The characters covered the antivaxxing conspiracy theorist, idiot Kyle, the Trump supporting Karen, the neutral, scientists and their frustrations with media, a snarky psychologist, and a foreign outsider watching the reality show of America. Terrifying content in a hilarious package. Amazing cast!!!

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Death to 2020

Movies | Comedy

Definitely Now and Then. I love the compassion Nolan shows refusing to tell someone what they can and can't do with their lives.

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The Rookie

Shows | Crime

I think Meemaw is my favorite with Sheldon as a close first, but really, the dynamic of the cast make it difficult to pick a favorite overall character.

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Young Sheldon

Shows | Comedy

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