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I’m honestly not really into the whole vampire thing but this series is just so amazingly written that I’m in love. There’s a perfect balance of action, drama, and romance that I was excited with each turn of the page. I actually watched the movie first and was interested in what the books would be like; I was not disappointed. My personal favorites are books 3 and 6, but every book is amazing. I can’t explain how many times I cried, laughed, or threw my book down in shock. I 100% recommend. 🥰

Vampire Academy: The Complete Collection imageVampire Academy: The Complete Collection image

Vampire Academy: The Complete Collection

Books | Richelle Mead

The fact that I couldn’t stop grinning while reading this— I loved it and now I’m sad that I finished it. 😂 I quite literally can not stop smiling.

If the Shoe Fits imageIf the Shoe Fits image

If the Shoe Fits

Books | Julie Murphy

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