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Probably my favorite Coleen Hoover work so far. I’m not an overly reactive person, but a couple times in this book, I found myself covering my mouth in surprise. Highly recommended!

Reminders of Him imageReminders of Him image

Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

A hard book to finish, as you’ll have a deep connection with every character!

Code Name Helene imageCode Name Helene image

Code Name Helene

Books | Ariel Lawhon

A nerve wracking, edge of your seat thriller. This one didn’t help my already-existent trust issues!

Before I Go To Sleep imageBefore I Go To Sleep image

Before I Go To Sleep

Books | S. J. Watson

Unexpected twists, with a grounding in the fading native history and culture!

The Only Good Indians imageThe Only Good Indians image

The Only Good Indians

Books | Stephen Graham Jones

VERY dark, and a true story. Be ready for a whole book of abuse and psychological manipulation. I read it more as a true crime book, and parts of it admittedly kept me up at night.

If You Tell imageIf You Tell image

If You Tell

Books | Gregg Olsen

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