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Anna Waits



Its good, just if your not a huge sex scene person , Spoiler , shes a little....."loose" . otherwise brilliant.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries imageMiss Fisher's Murder Mysteries image

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Shows | Crime

Rivaled only by the book version. Excellent Dark Academia pick

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone imageHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone image

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Movies | Adventure

Its just so perfect.The plot, the setting, the script, Plus Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. "F.O.X" .

You've Got Mail imageYou've Got Mail image

You've Got Mail

Movies | Comedy

A movie is perfect if after two hours , you cant get it out of your head . I'm still reeling over the brilliance , the emotions , all of it. "Oh Captain,My Captain!".

Dead Poets Society imageDead Poets Society image

Dead Poets Society

Movies | Drama

Its one of favorites😊

Kiki's Delivery Service imageKiki's Delivery Service image

Kiki's Delivery Service

Movies | Animation

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