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[REUPLOAD] I really had a lot of fun watching this one! The original Ghostbusters to me were overhyped, and definitely some parts of it and its humor did not age well. I prefer this version waaaay more.

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Movies | Action

One of my all time favorite movies, if not THE favorite movie. The art and animation in this movie is beautiful and still holds up today. The romance is everything I want in a vampire romance, and I enjoy the worldbuilding and world that it takes place in. Highly recommend it if you're into vampire movies.

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Movies | Action

I honestly laugh way more at this show than Bob's Burgers. I find the art style and the characters and the overall world to be far more engaging, too.

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King of the Hill

Shows | Animation

The pining is unreal, and I LOVE it. The comparisons between Hades and the protagonist give me life. The villain is really cheesy in this series, but honestly, its easy to look past in favor of the romance.

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Duke of Desire

Books | Elizabeth Hoyt

This show brings me a lot of comfort in an increasingly polarized world. It is one of the few (perhaps only?) show in recent years that explore how nuanced the human experience is. Sure, some of the jokes kind of fall flat and are awkward, but I love that the overarching message is "all it matters when it comes to judging someone is that they are trying to be/do better than yesterday".

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The Good Place

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This movie is awesome. It does not shy away from the use of bright, vivid colors; in my opinioj too many movies are washed out, which is a shame because color can make some wonderful symbolism. It made me really understand the appeal in action/thriller films, but at the end of the day, I'd take this movie over every other action film out there.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Movies | Action

This book and its author does a wonderful job of capturing the inherent lawlessness and chaos that are middle schoolers. Some moments and phrases have still stuck with me, even years after reading it.

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The Wednesday Wars

Books | Gary D. Schmidt

One of my favorite animes. I love how they handled trauma and also managing to make sure each side character is developed by giving them an episode to shine. It really has a creative spin on the superhero world and story, making them in reality television stars. I prefer it ovet My Hero Academia, but to each their own.

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Tiger & Bunny

Shows | Animation

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