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Anthony Iaffaldano



Great show, awesome cast, but really sucked in by the production value they bring to every episode, with little vignettes that feel like they're ripped out of blaxpoitation movies or 70's PSAs.

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Shows | Drama

Big Mouth is raunchy and inappropriate and uncomfortable and hilarious. Like puberty.

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Big Mouth

Shows | Animation

I have never needed a shower more after an episode of television. Every time you think the Byrds have hit bottom, it gets worse. In all the best ways.

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Shows | Crime

Fly, Little Sebastian.

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Parks and Recreation

Shows | Comedy

My kids watched this on heavy repeat when they were younger. Great music, bright visuals, etc.

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Rio 2

Movies | Adventure

Great family movie! Sweet story, beautiful visuals.

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Over the Moon

Movies | Adventure

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