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Antonia Kropp



To escape reality is to crawl out of your world down the pages into a better one, one word at a time.


Fun and captivating story, always good to come back to and discover some more hidden meanings.

The Ruby Red Trilogy imageThe Ruby Red Trilogy image

The Ruby Red Trilogy

Books | Kerstin Gier

Now this series is a masterpiece. I’m not the first to say it, nor will I be the last. I’ve never read a book so well structured where every lead, every sentence and every hint gets picked up and woven into a fantastic piece of creation. Not an easy read as it requires some thinking and puzzling to understand everything and put all the hints together but captivating ever more so. I wish the romance would’ve been built upon a bit more but I guess this just isn’t a full-on romance novel.

The Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Collection imageThe Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Collection image

The Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Collection

Books | Christopher Paolini

This series accompanied me for most of my childhood. Truly beautiful

Into the Wild imageInto the Wild image

Into the Wild

Books | Erin Hunter

What a book. Brought me to tears with its truth written right out of my soul.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior imageWay of the Peaceful Warrior image

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Books | Dan Millman

Very light, easy and fun to read with a great romance and captivating story. Used it as a time-out book to relax when my main book got too complicated. Will definitely read it again when I feel like an exciting and fast read

Spellbound imageSpellbound image


Books | Cara Lynn Shultz

Such a captivating trilogy with just the right amount of romance, action/adventure and comedy. Plus super awesome fight scenes

The Burning Sky imageThe Burning Sky image

The Burning Sky

Books | Sherry Thomas

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