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- Favourite Netflix movie is "Enola Holmes 2" (love the "Enola Holmes" franchise) and "The Royal Treatment". - Favourite Disney movie is "Descendants 3" (love the "Descendants" franchise). - Favourite book is Ingrid and the Wolf by André Alexis. You can follow me on my Instagram @angelina.599_


This movie was amazing. I know my rating is late and I have watched this movie about 3 times already but I gotta say, this movie was a great start to the Enola Holmes franchise, however I definitely think Enola Holmes 2 was better. By far. I love the drama of Enola Holmes - the mystery, suspense, thrill! It makes the movie just so entertaining and enjoyable. Totally recommend watching. In fact, I'm going to re-watch Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 right now! #drama #mystery #thriller #romance #suspense #comedy #coming_of_age #romantic_comedy

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Enola Holmes

Movies | Drama

I absolutely love this movie. The adventure, suspense, mystery - it's so entertaining and I gotta say, I wasn't bored once while watching this movie. Milly Bobby Brown as usual played her role perfectly! And I love the whole comedic romance between Enola and Tweksburry 😍😍❤️ Enola has definitely proven herself to be more than Sherlock's younger sister or mini Sherlock - If I didn't know any better, I'd say Sherlock's got some competition.. I love how in the end however, Enola and Sherlock's worked together to solve the mystery case. Enola Holmes was a spectacular movie, however this one (Enola Holmes 2) was outstanding! Seeing how it ended as well, there might be an Enola Holmes 3 in the future..? #mystery #adventure #drama #romance #suspense #coming_of_age #romantic_comedy

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Enola Holmes 2

Movies | Mystery

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