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heyo, all i read is YA romance novels.

TANNER AND SEBASTIAN WOW such a cute ending. Around the beginning of the book, I loved seeing Tanner try to conceal his obvious crush on Seb. My heart broke when Seb told Tanner about his parents awful rejection to his hypothetical. The ending was so unexpected and seeing them finally reunite warmed my heart.

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Books | Christina Lauren

BEN AND ARTHUR finished this book during my camping trip and wow was i shocked from the ending... i really thought they would still end up together, which they did, until the epilogue. its a bittersweet way to end, since i understand that they NEED to split up for each other, but it just makes me sad. good thing theres a sequel coming out soon, UNIVERSE DONT FAIL US WITH THIS!!

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What If It's Us

Books | Becky Albertalli

MATEO AND RUFUS read this book on a whim and it utterly shattered me. its good for when you wanna cry, just the craft of the author isn’t the best.. still got me crying.. R.I.P. RUFUS AND MATEO!!

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They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

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