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Ariell Aníta



I like how it humanized someone with ASD and brought us into their world.

The Good Doctor imageThe Good Doctor image

The Good Doctor

Shows | Drama

It strips down a typical day that can be applied to anyone and reveals how much plastic is consumed in our everyday lives. It also provides alternatives, all while not shaming you if you hadn't known or choose to disregard.

How to Live Plastic Free imageHow to Live Plastic Free image

How to Live Plastic Free

Books | Luca Bonaccorsi

It's a new and interesting type of storyline in a teen drama and I like that its based in Brooklyn since I'm from there lol. But Netflix dropped the ball and hasn't renewed it for a second season 🙄.

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Grand Army

Shows | Drama

The host brings on a woman of color each week that either works in a field for environmental sustainability or just advocates for it in their everyday lives, all while providing tips for how we the listeners can also participate.

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Sustainable Brown Girl

Podcasts | Society & Culture

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