Ashlee Savory


I usually am really good at figuring out the little secrets in books like these, but boy was I wrong. I was not expecting this to turn out the way it did but I absolutely loved it. The last 150 pages were just jaw dropping.

Then She Was Gone imageThen She Was Gone image

Then She Was Gone

Books | Lisa Jewell

This book made me so sick to my stomach. Make sure you pay attention to the WHOLE book even the boring chapters. They are very VERY important. Must read !!!

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient


This book had me gasping. 100% the beat book i’ve ever read. I finished it 5 minutes ago and i’m still shaking. It’s a must read!

Verity imageVerity image


Books | Colleen Hoover

The first book I ever remember reading and I loved it. Talking about it non stop for weeks!

The Raft imageThe Raft image

The Raft

Books | S. A. Bodeen

Had me locked in. I had to watch the movie after but the book is 10x better and goes in to way better detail!

The Darkest Minds imageThe Darkest Minds image

The Darkest Minds

Books | Alexandra Bracken

Finished this one in 3 days! Couldn’t put it down. Very very realistic which makes it even more terrifying.

The Cellar imageThe Cellar image

The Cellar

Books | Natasha Preston

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