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Ashley Elle





The end got me. This is one of those movies you never stop thinking about….

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Don't Look Up

Movies | Comedy

Hard to believe all of this goes on in high school but still is a nice gritty show. I don’t know much about Zendaya but her acting is superb!

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Shows | Drama

Loved the beginning but this latest episode I will have to start over because it did not keep my attention.

The Gilded Age imageThe Gilded Age image

The Gilded Age

Shows | Drama

Still can’t believe she got away with all of this. Got a little long for me. To me I think 2 less episodes to get to the end would’ve been much better. Other than that great entertaining show.

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Inventing Anna


Nice watch. Pretty funny and gritty. The cast looks so perfect!!Crazy how much she really looks like Pam.

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Pam & Tommy


This so good! And renewed for season 2!!! Trust me you’re going to love it and binge all the way through.

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Shows | Drama

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