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Ashley Fairweather



Such a beautiful and important message in this book. “You don’t have to understand life, you just have to live it”

The Midnight Library imageThe Midnight Library image

The Midnight Library

Books | Matt Haig

I think this was my favorite thriller book I’ve ever read. I did not expect the end of this and it was just so captivating that I couldn’t put it down

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

Probably one of the best thrillers I’ve read in quite a while. Uncomfortable at times for choosing such real topics, but we need to be made uncomfortable to grow and change. I’ve already recommended this book to so many people. So well written and captivating

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When No One Is Watching

Books | Alyssa Cole

I’m always looking for quick to read self help/improvement books and this was a great read! I liked the relatability and the step by step for the 21 day habits

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Badass Habits

Books | Jen Sincero

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