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Elisabeth Olsen absolutely captivates audiences with her acting in the newest installment of Doctor strange in the MCU. The plot did a good job of keeping audiences intrigued as we traveled through the multiverse. Overall the movie was a strong addition to the MCU being full of action, heartbreak, and of course some fun cameos from the multiverse. 8/10

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness imageDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness image

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Movies | Fantasy

One of the best marvel productions to date. Brings the MCU into a newer, darker, style while still combining comedic relief and very likable characters. Unique and interesting plot line and Oscar Isaac deserves awards for his performance. This story is unlike any other and I’m excited to see where the MCU takes moon knight next.

Moon Knight imageMoon Knight image

Moon Knight

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One of my favorites in the entire mcu. Hoping for a season four after his brief appearance in Spider-Man but one can only hope marvel has bigger plans for Matt Murdock. From his fighting skills to his charm. This is definitely a must watch for any marvel fanatic. Don’t sleep on the marvel series!

Marvel's Daredevil imageMarvel's Daredevil image

Marvel's Daredevil

Shows | Action

Strong characters, engaging storyline, plus some pretty dope fight scenes. Takes on issues from fighting mobsters to racial biases. One of my favs of the marvel Netflix series to date.

Marvel's Luke Cage imageMarvel's Luke Cage image

Marvel's Luke Cage

Shows | Drama

One of the greatest shows of our generation. An amazing twist on the original movie and book. Zoe shines as main character Rob as the show captivates audiences with the push and pull of love, sex, and regret. It’s a tragedy this show was canceled after only one season. A recommendation is make to anyone who feels lost in the pressure of finding a soulmate by 20 or to anyone who simply loves music. 10/10.

High Fidelity imageHigh Fidelity image

High Fidelity

Shows | Comedy

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