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I'm just here to read! I'm a sucker for a romance, especially gay ones! Bi 14 Writer (hopefully) She/her I hope you enjoy the selections I enjoy. Feel free to always recommend things to me :)


ASKSJKAKSKD OMG i didn't think it could get any better. The first novel was magnificent and this one was even better. The steamy parts were mediocre however the mystery and tension between wrath and emilia was just amazing. Though, I am a fan of ****, this one wasn't my favourite. Though, I didn't mind seeing as how that's not the reason I read the book. The mystery and romance persevered and really made the entire story better. wraths brothers were in fact a whole trip and I loved and hated them

Kingdom of the Cursed imageKingdom of the Cursed image

Kingdom of the Cursed

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

I read it in three days. I truly didn't think that I was going to enjoy it but gave it a try because I love Fantasy in that time era. I can say with a full chest that I was not disappointed. I fell in love with both the characters (Wrath a little more so) and absolutely loved the description and plot. I loved how readable yet UNreadable Wrath could be. Such a handsome character. The plot had me never wanting to put it down unless 100% necessary.

Kingdom of the Wicked imageKingdom of the Wicked image

Kingdom of the Wicked

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

I LOVED IT! Wonderful description and as someone who knows NOTHING about sports I wasn't confused one bit. The romance was absolutely adorable and I loved Emir's sassy charm. It was a little spicy at times but nothing that it odd for me. Perfect read! I'll be back to read again, Lions.

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Running with Lions

Books | Julian Winters

I liked it. The story was a good one and the characters were great. It seemed a bit rushed however. Still a good book for the plot. Definitely recommend. RANT: SPOILERS: I loved the book. But towards the end, James and Sam had more buildup than Denver and Sam. Would've loved to see a friends to lovers. Hopefully the sequel is better :))

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The Fascinators

Books | Andrew Eliopulos

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