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I'm just here to read! I'm a sucker for a romance, especially gay ones! Bi 14 Writer (hopefully) She/her I hope you enjoy the selections I enjoy. Feel free to always recommend things to me :)


I LOVED IT! Wonderful description and as someone who knows NOTHING about sports I wasn't confused one bit. The romance was absolutely adorable and I loved Emir's sassy charm. It was a little spicy at times but nothing that it odd for me. Perfect read! I'll be back to read again, Lions.

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Running with Lions

Books | Julian Winters

I liked it. The story was a good one and the characters were great. It seemed a bit rushed however. Still a good book for the plot. Definitely recommend. RANT: SPOILERS: I loved the book. But towards the end, James and Sam had more buildup than Denver and Sam. Would've loved to see a friends to lovers. Hopefully the sequel is better :))

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The Fascinators

Books | Andrew Eliopulos

Very insightful! I loved that it felt like we were only getting a sneak peak into their love story. We saw the letters, but it was still all theirs. And theirs alone. We didn't see any more than they let us.

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We Contain Multitudes

Books | Sarah Henstra

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