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My goal in life is to watch as much as I can. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Follow me and watch me soar :)


The first sign of a bad ass movie is having Keanu Reeves. The second is making his friend Willem Dafoe. Non-stop action, cool world to get engrossed in. All around, a kick ass good time!

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John Wick

Movies | Action

Cheesy but its good cheesy. Not great cheesy, but good cheesy, plus Chris Evans is always a great choice!

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Fantastic Four

Movies | Action

Film was not that great, but it you come in with low expectations, its a good film. Definitely corny, and campy. A true 2000s film, with grainy and random, fast shots, and Evanescence. None of the side characters really mattered, but it looked like all the side characters (including Michael Clarke Duncan, who is always having a fun time) are all having more fun than Ben Affleck. Still cheesy. Still love it. The Netflix (I'll still call it the Netflix show, even though its on Disney + now) show is 1,000,000x better, so if you want serious DareDevil, watch that.

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Movies | Fantasy

I found it meh. I don't know. It seemed like a historical romance film. It is a film about females trying to rise up in pre-Civil War America. That much I got. Still meh.

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Little Women

Movies | Drama

Awesome bad ass movie. Not the movie of the year, but definitely a really fun one to watch and on my top 10. A high recommendation. David Harbour just killing it recently, and in this movie, literally! Can't wait to re watch it!

Violent Night imageViolent Night image

Violent Night

Movies | Horror

Season 2 was even greater than Season 1! Loved all the fights, the problems, the characters and all! Now #OneMoreSeason

Warrior Nun imageWarrior Nun image

Warrior Nun

Shows | Action & Adventure

This is the best version of Scrooge. Not only the most modern (that I've seen) but the most humorous!

Scrooged imageScrooged image


Movies | Fantasy

A romantic Christmas movie with Jimmy Stuart! Simple and Beautiful!

The Shop Around the Corner imageThe Shop Around the Corner image

The Shop Around the Corner

Movies | Comedy

I thought was a great movie! Never saw the original anime, but this movie makes me want to see it! Great world building, great action (Robert Rodriguez, duh), I want to see like a pre-quel focusing on Idk, but more Cristoph Waltz is never a bad thing. Or maybe one focused on 99? That would be awesome! Great watch!

Alita: Battle Angel imageAlita: Battle Angel image

Alita: Battle Angel

Movies | Action

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