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Books from 12/08/22 onward 五

I would not be able to forgive the Elites after reading Halo: The Flood . Excellent book, though. 9/10 (22 March 2023).

Halo: Hunters in the Dark imageHalo: Hunters in the Dark image

Halo: Hunters in the Dark

Books | Peter David

No hate, Im being completely honest when I write this: I think this book was pointless. It had good characters, but what was achieved? I have no clue. Yes, it did give us insight on how The Flare started, but I think it could have just as easily been put in one of those other books. 5/10. (20 March 2023).

The Kill Order imageThe Kill Order image

The Kill Order

Books | James Dashner

I will be hiding in Finland from that storm. I actually finished this about a week ago, but I forgot to put it on here. (20 March 2023) 8/10

What If? imageWhat If? image

What If?

Books | Randall Munroe

So far first Halo book that I have read from 1st person point of view. Nice and short read. 8/10 (28 February 2023)

Halo: New Blood imageHalo: New Blood image

Halo: New Blood

Books | Matt Forbeck

I finished reading this a few days ago but forgot to put I on here. I liked the two parts it was told in. Perhaps not all of the Covenant is bad . 8/10 (25 February 2023)

Halo: Broken Circle imageHalo: Broken Circle image

Halo: Broken Circle

Books | John Shirley

What happened to Snowball ? This book makes you think. I liked the ending, too. 9/10 (24 January 2023).

Animal Farm imageAnimal Farm image

Animal Farm

Books | George Orwell

Was told this book gets dark, but I was severely let down. I also feel like its a crime to not give classical books a 10/10, so I give this a 10/10. This also happened to be the first classical book Ive ever read (9 January 2023)

Lord of the Flies imageLord of the Flies image

Lord of the Flies

Books | William Golding

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