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Bold. Fun. Witty. Serious. Kind. Weird. Easy going. Open-minded. Free spirited. A bit more introverted than extroverted. Friendly. Stubborn at times. All around “Real.”


Who doesn’t like Jack Black! And him in a classroom of kids playing his music. All around fun and funny!

School of Rock imageSchool of Rock image

School of Rock

Movies | Comedy

Older movie yet with a positive message

Stand and Deliver imageStand and Deliver image

Stand and Deliver

Movies | Drama

Basically a story line about black women that are ones that don’t stand behind anyone, but on the side of them. That don’t need someone to put them on pedestal because they already did that for themselves. Looking at every one of of them that see power, beauty, intellect, and strength. All in different shades.

Hidden Figures imageHidden Figures image

Hidden Figures

Movies | Drama

Not an ending I was expecting. Worth finding out!

Secret in Their Eyes imageSecret in Their Eyes image

Secret in Their Eyes

Movies | Crime

Just an all around good movie. Funny. Heart-warming. Feel-good. Emotional

About a Boy imageAbout a Boy image

About a Boy

Movies | Drama

Heist done by girl power!

Ocean's Eight imageOcean's Eight image

Ocean's Eight

Movies | Crime

Oldie but goodie

Cheers imageCheers image


Shows | Comedy

Great cast. Silly movie with a hear-warming ending

Just Go with It imageJust Go with It image

Just Go with It

Movies | Comedy

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