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Aspiring film student/screenwriter. Cinephile. ENFP. Overachieving procrastinator. Soup connoisseur. Greenhouse enthusiast with severe seasonal allergies.


Absolutely love this show. I watched it during quarantine covid times with my family and have such good memories of it. Aldis Hodge is the best <3 and the chemistry between all of the actors is the best I’ve ever seen on tv. They’re such a cute family :)

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Shows | Drama

9.5/10 had me crying thrice. This was an amazing story about grief and also about family. I had full body chills for most of the movie because it was so beautiful. I’m terrified of the ocean/hate being underwater so the bits in Talokan had me sweating and really anxious but they were super cool none the less. I don’t think I can really sum up this movie, so much happened and it was such a beautiful experience to see it in theaters. Go see it in theaters if you can, it’s worth it. The action was so incredible

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever imageBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever image

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Movies | Action

9/10 This was amazing! It was missing some of the charm of the first one but I like how Enola’s character grows even more in this movie. I thought the mystery was much more interesting this time round and so cool that it was based off a true historical event. The strike scene had me actually crying. The women in these movies are incredible. They’re bada$$ but they aren’t emotionless robots (like many strong women characters in Hollywood). Also I love the twist of tropes with Tewksbury and Enola, where he teaches her to dance and she teaches him to fight. Heck I just love Tewksbury all around, and the fact that his house is completely full of plants absolutely stole my heart. Loved this movie and really hoping for a third because I’m still very impatiently waiting for a Watson character to show up.

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Enola Holmes 2

Movies | Mystery

8.7/10 cozy mystery with a fun plot. I liked the anagram sequences and surprisingly liked the breaking of the 4th wall. This was a fun, unexpected adaptation of Sherlock Holmes but I really liked what they’ve done with it. Also I loved Tewksbury a great deal :) he actually had some layers to him, which was very cool to see.

Enola Holmes imageEnola Holmes image

Enola Holmes

Movies | Drama

9/10 I have a big head and little arms :)

Meet the Robinsons imageMeet the Robinsons image

Meet the Robinsons

Movies | Animation

8/10 easy watch about self loving, acceptance, faith, and courage. Latifah is amazing and gorgeous as always. I want to be friends with her so bad

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Last Holiday

Movies | Adventure

10/10 the best period drama I have ever seen. It was so sweet, gentle, and outright adorable but had constant undertones of grief and tension. The tension was off the charts. The tone was set so perfectly and the actors were outstanding. The chemistry between Brawne and Keats was palpable. They were so sweet and awkward and lovely. Ben Whishaw is one of my favorite actors and his sweetness comes through in this film. I squealed with delight and also sobbed my eyes out.

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Bright Star

Movies | Drama

All of these short films are absolute works of art. I would watch full length feature film versions of every single one. The animation makes me beyond happy, it’s so creative. I cried during most of them.

Walt Disney Animation Studios: Short Circuit Experimental Films imageWalt Disney Animation Studios: Short Circuit Experimental Films image

Walt Disney Animation Studios: Short Circuit Experimental Films

Shows | Animation

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