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Some facts about me: 1- I'm in freshman year of college and planning to major in linguistics. I have two ferrets, a cat, and a dog at home :) 2- Although I love podcasts, paying attention to audio only is tough for me. So transcripts are a plus 3- I avoid media related to suicide 4- I'm bisexual! 5- Favorite music: Sidney Gish, The Scary Jokes, Adam Melchor, Beach Bunny, Mitski... 6- I love video games- e.g., Stardew, TLOU, TLoZ, Ace Attorney, Disco Elysium, Skyrim, CK3, Civ, Celeste, THK, etc.


if you don't know the podcast you will definitely not be left out! they make an effort to be newcomer-friendly. Altogether hilarious and strangely sincere! Something about the hometown aspect made me nostalgic for experiences I haven't had. If like me, you get a lot of second-hand embarrassment, you might be uncomfortable at times- but the goofs make up for it. I would recommend it to literally anyone probably. Free on crunchyroll

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My Brother, My Brother and Me

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