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I’m a movie nerd and A coffee nerd. Watching movies while drinking coffee is a plus. I got extra love for Horror films and Martial Arts films. Good writing and good acting is a must. ☕️


“Quarantine” was decent. But it’s Spanish original- “REC” was better. The US had to do their version of course- watered down. 5.5/10 ☕️

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Movies | Horror

Horror classic from Raimey. ☕️

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The Evil Dead

Movies | Horror

It’s a pretty good film for what it is. But it doesn’t stand the rest of time tho. Lol, it’s a bit dated. ☕️

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8 Mile

Movies | Drama

It’s not the best of Stephen King’s work translated to film. But it is a solid work for it’s time. This is part of my childhood here. ☕️

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Movies | Thriller

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