Muy caliente! Lina is me when it comes to overthinking. “Cute? Cute as in cute or cute as in small and funny something you smiled at with fondness? Or perhaps cute as in—” But Aaron Blackford… whew… “‘I don’t think I’d be able to deny you a single thing if you asked, Catalina.’” I think this was absolutely cute and good, but I agree with Rosie wanting to hit her all the time like Lina don’t let the past control you it’s not a dream let yourself be happy!

The Spanish Love Deception imageThe Spanish Love Deception image

The Spanish Love Deception

Books | Elena Armas

This was a cute story! I smiled so much ugh! First of all the dedication page… “To all the Black girls who loved books and wanted to be princesses. This one’s for you.” Izzy and Beau are the perfect match… the way he talks about her in the end… my heart melted “‘Well.’ He sat down across from her, still staring at her. “Wherever you got that from, God bless them, that’s all I have to say.’” This is a modern beauty and the beast!

By the Book imageBy the Book image

By the Book

Books | Jasmine Guillory

Oooh dark twisted Peter Pan and wendy story ❤️ “maybe we’re all mad, in our own way” ever wondered what it would be like if pan and the lost boys were seen as villains?? “‘Three, two, one. One, two, three. Better watch out: Peter Pan is going to murder thee.’”

The Never King imageThe Never King image

The Never King

Books | Nikki St. Crowe

The beginning absolutely stressed me out. But i think this book should’ve had more Cane and Adelina pov’s and less of Pearl and Crow just seemed unnecessary… wasn’t a huge fan of this one and a bit disappointed but it was okay to read. “He didn’t get angry like he did last time. He started exactly the age, quiet and somber. ‘You’re sure you don’t love me?’”

Buttons and Grace (Buttons #6) imageButtons and Grace (Buttons #6) image

Buttons and Grace (Buttons #6)

Books | Penelope Sky

Ooo this book right here! The best one out of the series. Grew to love Cane in this book and made me want to smack Crow more times than once for how he acted with Pearl. “But underneath that hard surface, he was a man with a heart as big as mine. He was a gentle giants, a friendly minister. A dark angel.” 5/5 ⭐️

Buttons and Blame (Buttons #5) imageButtons and Blame (Buttons #5) image

Buttons and Blame (Buttons #5)

Books | Penelope Sky

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