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Brette Bliss


Cute, fun, surprisingly close to the source material

To All the Boys I've Loved Before imageTo All the Boys I've Loved Before image

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Movies | Comedy

I've seen it twice now and its enthralling, heartbreaking, and a little but voyeuristic into the lives of hyper priveledged white women.

Big Little Lies imageBig Little Lies image

Big Little Lies

Shows | Drama

This is a page turner; Even when the story dragged it was interesting.

Gone Girl imageGone Girl image

Gone Girl

Movies | Mystery

I liked this as a piece from the time it was written. I appreciated this book more than I enjoyed it or even liked. In general I didnt like it. The characters were all annoying and immature. But the setting and the circumstances were what kept the book interesting. It doesnt really have a climax, it just kind of moves at a linear and steady pace until it ends ubruptly.

Chocolates for Breakfast imageChocolates for Breakfast image

Chocolates for Breakfast

Books | Pamela Moore

It's been years since I read it. Its a childhood favorite that I selected in the account setup process. But I when I was a tween I read this book and the others in the series cover to cover multiple times in a row on rotations with my best friend. The characters in this book and the series are fantastic and they played a large role in my personal development as a young woman. I'm considering buying the series again so I can reread them and suggest them to my younger family members.

Dealing with Dragons imageDealing with Dragons image

Dealing with Dragons

Books | Patricia C. Wrede

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