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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie. It is a great action packed thriller with some intense, graphic violence that adds to a great storyline. This movie is 100% a must watch. I am definitely gonna purchase it when it comes out on DVD. I honestly couldn't recommend this movie more from the A-Lost cast, great action scenes, and a few twists this movie leaves you wanting a Fast and Furious amount of sequels

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Movies | Action

I think this was a great thrilling movie with a few twists and turns albeit predictable it was quite a good movie. I highly recommend it.

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Movies | Drama

This movie is definitely a hidden gem. I watched during quarantine with low expectations but this movie really blew that out of the water. This is a great thriller/Sci fi movie. If you want blood and guts this probably isn't your movie but if you want a great paced, I threshing movie with deep meaning this is it!!!

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Paradise Hills

Movies | Fantasy

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