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Entertaining 2 stories in one, parts of it near the end felt a little forced or too similar to zombie type stories, but overall I enjoyed. Mostly well written and look forward to the next book.

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Books | Claire Legrand

Mafia family with magic, interesting read, not my favorite of Holly Black but well written and narrated.

The White Cat imageThe White Cat image

The White Cat

Books | Holly Black

Entertaining easy read, nice twist at the end, somewhat predictable but written well enough that it didn’t matter. Looking forward to reading the sequel.

These Hollow Vows imageThese Hollow Vows image

These Hollow Vows

Books | Lexi Ryan

Entertaining throughout, disappointing (not really) but excellent cliff hanger at the end.

Book of Night imageBook of Night image

Book of Night

Books | Holly Black

very good, hunger games magic kingdoms type book, somewhat cliff hanger ending but no second book written yet.

Lightlark (Lightlark 1) imageLightlark (Lightlark 1) image

Lightlark (Lightlark 1)

Books | Alex Aster

Good, had to return before I was finished and wasn’t as into it when I had the chance again.

King of Battle and Blood imageKing of Battle and Blood image

King of Battle and Blood

Books | Scarlett St. Clair

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