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Says juvenile fiction, but im a grown woman and still love the story and world Erin created.

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Avoiding Alpha

Books | Aileen Erin

Was looking for a #fantasy #romance and came across this gem! I loved it so much I bought all 9 books in the series and blew through the first 5 in 3 days. Quick read, but so #fulfilling. Full of #supernatural action, romance, and some #quirky humor. This series has quickly become a favorite of mine. Aileen Erin created such a #magical world and lovable characters. I already know im going to reread this series several times

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Becoming Alpha

Books | Aileen Erin

Amazing series! The author creates such a vivid world and truly unique characters.

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Alpha Divided

Books | Aileen Erin

Loved seeing this world from a new perspective. I loved getting to know Claudia and grew to love her just as much as I love Tessa. Each character is so unique and truly have their own personalities.

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Books | Aileen Erin

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