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Caitlyn ONeill


This Movie is a beautiful Feel Good Movie to Cry to .

The Good Dinosaur imageThe Good Dinosaur image

The Good Dinosaur

Movies | Adventure

This movie is a great pick if you ever want a good cry but also be happy

Trolls imageTrolls image


Movies | Adventure

This movie is a great pick if you ever wondered what dogs are saying in their head.

A Dog's Purpose imageA Dog's Purpose image

A Dog's Purpose

Movies | Comedy

This Live Action movie is about how it's okay to be different and to feel good in your own skin

The Greatest Showman imageThe Greatest Showman image

The Greatest Showman

Movies | Drama

This movie is quotable and a great movie whenever you need a good cry and laugh at the same time

Finding Nemo imageFinding Nemo image

Finding Nemo

Movies | Animation

This show is my personal favorite because it's funny, can be relatable and perfect to watch

New Girl imageNew Girl image

New Girl

Shows | Comedy

This movie is iconic because it can make you feel a certain emotion to the next and you can never get tired of it.

The Kissing Booth imageThe Kissing Booth image

The Kissing Booth

Movies | Romance

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